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Come Back Home

Come Back Home to Your Body's Innate Wisdom

Did you know it's possible to:

  • Feel comfortable in your body no matter it's shape, size, or limits?
  • Find a deep sense of connection and appreciation for all it does?
  • Lean into the incredible wisdom it offers you every single day?

This is where your relationship with your physical form shifts from “complicated” to simple, kind, and a discovery of all of the magic that already resides within you.

Welcome! I'm Jen | Embodiment Coach, Yoga Therapist & Somatic Dance Teacher

The modern world is a wildly noisy and distracting place, isn't it?

It's filled with messages that tell you who you should be, how you should look, and what you should have in order to be beautiful, successful, happy, etc. Which has likely led to feeling uncomfortable in your own skin - and therefore, disconnected from your body.

If I had to guess, you spend a lot of time in your head (thinking, worrying, analyzing, planning) and very little fully residing in that brilliant vessel you've got to move through life in (feeling your feelings, tuning into it's guidance, etc.).

Yet, the body is so wise, so intelligent, and so ready to serve you - to guide you to everything you need to feel centered, fulfilled, and clear on everything you need to thrive.

Here you're invited to repair that connection so that you can experience that cozy, at-home feeling in your skin and immerse yourself in its powerful guidance.

By using modalities like yoga, mindfulness, somatic practices, and dance, I'm here to help you form a new relationship with you and up-level the way you live your life.


Come Back Home

A 1:1 embodiment journey designed to help you feel at home in your skin, connect back to your innate wisdom, and start living from a place of true wholeness.